An employee at a Costa Vida scoops pico de gallo from one container into another behind the counter.

Strong vendor relationships keep costs and quality consistent

Nationwide vendor relationships make operations smooth and costs consistent for owners of our fast casual Mexican restaurants

The scale of a franchise offers plenty of advantages and efficiencies for owners of fast casual Mexican restaurants. None of those advantages are more important than the beneficial relationships we’ve developed with the vendors in our supply chain, and Costa Vida works hard to maintain high standards at very reasonable prices for our franchisees.

Keeping on top of food costs

One of the biggest variables for any Mexican food franchise is food costs. With our constant analysis of the markets, we’re able to help keep those costs under control, reducing the volatility in prices that owners might experience with other franchises.

“We’re constantly watching the markets to put us in a position to have the right products at the right price,” says Executive Chef Geoff Alter. “We do that through smart contract purchasing and honest relationships with our suppliers.”

Scaling up and into new markets

One of our closest vendor relationships is with national brand Sysco Foods. They have distribution points throughout the country, meaning that none of our franchisees are at a disadvantage because of their location. That helps us gain a foothold in new markets more easily, because it lessens the challenges that would come with establishing an entirely new supply chain in each region.

Working with Sysco, we can be sure that suppliers we work with across the country maintain the same high quality standards, and since many items are under contract, prices stay predictable, too.

A pair of steak tacos topped with lettuce and pico de gallo sit in a serving tin with a side of black beans.
Our relationships with vendors keep our franchisees on an even footing, no matter where they’re located.

Consistent excellence at every location

As a nationwide brand, it’s crucial for us to support franchisees in smaller or less-established markets at the same level as those in our core Western markets. Our brand has been built on excellent food that’s a step above what guests expect from other fast casual Mexican restaurants. We focus on keeping the quality high while keeping costs manageable, no matter where a location might be, and that keeps the business opportunity strong for franchisees.

“The idea is to make sure that every market gets the exact same product, with the same price, texture and flavor so every guest can have the same experience,” says Alter. “We’re always looking at ways to make sure that it’s consistent, so that we can be one brand with our food.”

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