Employees at a Costa Vida location prep food behind the counter.

5 Reasons Costa Vida is the Perfect Restaurant Franchise for Owner-Operators

For hands-on operators, our restaurant franchise offers fresh food that inspires revenue-driving brand loyalty, as well as the support you need to succeed

If you’re the hands-on type, Costa Vida could be the perfect restaurant franchise for you. From our fresh food to our top-notch service, our brand is looking for entrepreneurs who want to do things the right way.

A plate of sweet pork nachos sits on a wooden table, with tortilla chips, salt and soda bottles scattered on the table around it.
A great owner-operator only serves food they can be proud of. You can do that with Costa Vida.

And that attitude starts at the top. “We were actually the first franchisees that Costa Vida had,” says President and CEO Dave Rutter. “We’re cut from the same cloth as our franchisees. We’re operators at heart.”

Here are five great reasons why owner-operators choose Costa.

1. Food you can be proud of

First things first – we serve amazing, fresh Mexican food with bold, unique flavors. That’s what gets guests in the door and, most importantly, brings them back for more.

“I’m a connoisseur of food. I love food. I live to eat,” says founder Kent Prestwich. “We buy the very best product we can buy. We never cheat, we never skimp. We always get the very best we can possibly get. I want people to walk away going, ‘Holy cow. I have never had food that tasted quite like that.’”

Our food is made from scratch in each restaurant, every day, so when franchisees tell guests the food is made fresh, they mean it, and they can say it with pride.

2. Multiple avenues for revenue

Convenience matters for consumers. With Costa Vida, you can serve them any way they want, with dine-in, carryout, drive-thrus and online and mobile ordering. Catering is also available at most locations. Having so many options cuts down on lines and wait times to help you serve more guests and earn more revenue.

Whether your guests are looking to sit down and relax or need to quickly pick up a family dinner on the way home, they can still choose your Costa Vida restaurant.

3. Support from an experienced team

One of the major advantages to a franchise system is having a helping hand when you need it. At Costa, we have a leadership team with decades of restaurant industry experience. We also have internal franchise business consultants who work closely with each operator, and know what it takes to succeed in the business.

“They’re people who’ve come up through our ranks and they’ve been general managers, they’ve been on the training team,” says Rutter. “They know the business from the inside out, they know how to operate, they know how to build sales because they’ve done it in their own stores time and time and time again.”

A plate of chicken quesadillas with rice, black beans, guacamole and sour cream next to a smartphone displaying the Costa Vida app. The Costa Vida logo is in the lower-left of the image, along with the App Store and Google Play logos in the lower-right.
Brand fans generate recurring revenue for our Mexican restaurant franchisees.

4. Loyal fans

Our food creates passionate fans of our brand, and we cultivate that fandom through our mobile rewards app as well as clever, relatable social media content. Our fans are frequent and loyal visitors of their local Costas, and they spread the word and bring new fans to your business.

5. Innovative technology

We’re always on the lookout for the latest technology that can help Costa operators run even more efficient restaurants. That starts from the very beginning, like our artificial intelligence-driven site-selection tool SiteZeus, which helps you pick the optimal location for your franchise. Other tools, like customer feedback tool Phaceology, help you continually improve both your internal operations and your guest experience.

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