What are the startup costs?

Breaking down how much it costs to open a Mexican restaurant with Costa Vida

Wondering what it costs to open a Mexican restaurant with Costa Vida? The estimated initial investment for one franchise location ranges from $659,500-$1,025,000, not including real estate costs.

In the chart below, you can find a detailed breakdown of the estimated initial investment, not including real estate lease costs, for opening a Costa Vida restaurant. The data comes from Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. For more details, fill out the form on this page to request a full copy of our FDD.

Estimated Initial Investment

To see all footnotes associated with this table, visit our Financial Disclosure Notes page
Type of ExpenditureAmountMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment Is to Be Made
Franchise Fee (See Note 1)$30,000Lump SumUpon signing of the Franchise AgreementCosta Vida Management
Area Development Fee (See Note 2)$15,000 per Costa Vida Restaurant to be opened under the Development ScheduleLump SumUpon signing of the ADA; will be applied to Franchise Fee upon execution of each Franchise Agreement under the ADACosta Vida Management
Travel and Living Expenses while Training (See Note 3)$15,000Lump SumAs incurred during trainingEmployees, airlines, hotels, and restaurants
Tenant Improvements and Build-out (See Note 4)$300,000-375,000As ArrangedAs arranged or incurredContractors, Vendors
Building and Design Permit and Professional Fees (See Note 5)$14,000-49,000Lump SumAs incurred before openingArchitect, Engineer, Municipalities, Lawyers, Consultants, etc.
Restaurant Equipment including POS & Computers (See Note 6)$150,000-255,000Lump SumUpon delivery before openingVendors
Trade Dress, Woodwork, Furniture, Design Package, & Fixtures (See Note 6)$55,000-90,000Lump SumUpon delivery before openingVendors
Opening Supplies & Inventory (See Note 7)$10,000-$15,000Lump SumUpon delivery before openingSuppliers
Small wares$15,000-$20,000Lump SumUpon delivery before openingSuppliers
Signage$8,000-33,000Lump SumAs incurred before openingApproved Suppliers
Grand opening promotion & special assistance (See Note 8)$10,000-$20,000As ArrangedWithin 30 days of openingVendors
Security & Utility Deposits (See Note 9)$1,000-$18,000As ArrangedAs incurredVendors, Utility Companies, Landlord
Insurance (See Note 10)$1,500-$5,000As incurredAnnuallyInsurance Brokers, Insurance company
Additional Funds - 3 Months (See Note 11)$50,000-$100,000Lump SumAs incurredVendors, Employees, Utilities, Landlord, etc.
Totals$659,500-1,025,000 (not including real estate lease costs)

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