Operations that keep food fresh & costs low

The best ingredients and Mexican restaurant operations lead to the best food for guests and best value for franchise owners

In order to be the best, we have to hold our Mexican restaurant operations to a higher standard, so we source top-quality ingredients and employ rigorous food preparation and cooking processes. This keeps our guests coming back for our fresh, innovative, delicious food and helps our franchise owners maintain the standards that will help them be more successful.

Sourcing the highest-quality ingredients

We keep our food quality consistent across all the restaurants in our franchise system, from Utah to Chicago to Florida, and we do that by being hands-on with our ingredient sourcing and developing excellent vendor relationships. Our executives have extensive experience in food service operations, and they know how to get the best possible ingredients at the best possible prices.

“We do whatever we can do to give ourselves the best possible ingredients,” says Executive Chef Geoff Alter. “We have specific growers with specific aged avocado trees that provide us with avocados with the right amount of fat, the right amount of nuttiness, the right amount of flavor and oils, and so every one of our ingredients at Costa Vida has a specific reason that we use it.”

Serving the highest-quality food

Even the best ingredients can go wrong, so we have processes and training in place to ensure that every Costa Vida location can prepare and serve the most amazing food to guests.

Costa Vida chicken tacos with beans and rice.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards possible, from sourcing to preparation to the service our teams provide.

“We have a process of checks and balances, from starting with approved suppliers to how we receive those products, how we handle them, how we store them, how we cook them, how we chill them, how we reheat them and then how we serve them, and every one of those parts of the flow diagram has specific regimens and guidelines,” says Alter.

Our strong Mexican restaurant operations keep our quality high and costs low. “We train the process, we certify it with our general managers, our assistant managers and all of our cooks, and they have to follow that system every single day,” says Alter. “It also allows us to cook big-batch cooking. In a fast-casual environment, we can provide food that’s made on premise and serve it in an expedited way, so we can get somebody a perfectly made pork burrito with braised pork, perfectly cooked beans and perfectly cooked rice.”

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