A Costa Vida drive-thru menu board, with the restaurant and an outdoor patio visible in the background.

More options for guests can increase your Mexican restaurant franchise revenue

Convenient options for guests have helped Costa Vida owners achieve 10.8% growth in average revenues in 2016

At Costa Vida, we benefit our franchisees by providing more options for our guests. We create more opportunities to increase owners’ Mexican restaurant franchise revenue by ensuring guests can get what they want, when they want it. And with our excellent operations and systems, franchise owners can still run their restaurants in an efficient, scalable way.

Meeting the needs of every guest

We make sure the guest experience is top-notch at Costa Vida. Everything from the taste of the food to the atmosphere of the restaurant impacts whether someone eats at Costa Vida or somewhere else, so we work hard to make sure that more guests are choosing you over the competition.

Another advantage of Costa Vida? Convenient options for service, including drive-thrus, carryout, in-store dining and online ordering. That gives you more avenues to earn business, and the added convenience increases guest loyalty and retention. Having so many ways to serve your guests also means you can have more guests in your locations at one time.

Even with so many options available, our systems are meticulously designed to help keep your restaurants streamlined and efficient to operate. We combine large-batch cooking methods with portion and inventory management to make sure you can be prepared ahead of time while minimizing costly food waste.

Increasing sales and revenue at Costa Vida

Our growing sales show the success of our approach. Average unit volume at our Mexican restaurant franchise increased 10.8% in 2016, outpacing both the rest of the fast-casual segment and the restaurant industry overall. Combine that with excellent vendor relationships that keep food costs low and predictable, and you’ll see why more people are exploring the revenue opportunity with Costa Vida and opening their own franchises.

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