Training for staff to learn proper portion size helps align your recipes and your sales to reduce waste and costs.

Industry experience refines our processes and defines our team

Costa Vida’s Mexican food business has efficient and effective methods to keep your costs down and your business growing

We have a team that knows what we’re doing in the Mexican food business, with a vast range of experience with Costa Vida and other restaurant franchise concepts. We know the food business inside and out, and use that understanding to continuously develop and refine our processes and methods. Read on to see how we help franchise owners grow and sustain their businesses while satisfying their guests.

There’s no substitute for experience; Costa Vida’s leadership has it in spades, and our methods help your team perform to its peak.
There’s no substitute for experience; Costa Vida’s leadership has it in spades, and our methods help your team perform to its peak.

Experienced hands steering the ship

Our team can help at every level of the business because they’ve been at every level of the business:

  • Executive Chef Geoff Alter started cooking pizzas as a teenager before working as a chef in Michelin-rated restaurants, and he has sales and supply chain experience with Sysco.
  • Director of Development Terry Jennings has 30 years in the business, including introducing McDonald’s into Mexico and bringing Five Guys Burgers & Fries to Canada.
  • CEO Sean Collins and President Dave Rutter were the very first franchisees of the Costa Vida brand before buying the company, and they still play a vital role in our corporate-owned locations.

That knowledge and passion for the business is crucial to our mission at Costa Vida. “My mother was a dietitian and nutritionist, so she grew up with me wanting to learn cooking,” says Alter. “At a very young age, I learned that I had an affinity for food. Any chef’s real role is to make food that people like to eat. At the end of the day, that’s what we do at Costa Vida.”

Kitchen operations that raise the bottom line

All that understanding comes into play in the way we’ve designed the systems our franchise partners follow. We have an efficient assembly line operation in play that’s easy to train your team members and managers on. This helps keep the kitchen and counter organized and working together as a cohesive whole to serve guests more quickly while minimizing mistakes and waste.

This also extends to pre-opening prep and food storage, ensuring that everything is running smoothly before a single guest enters the store. We help you more accurately align the amount of food made with the food sold to reduce food waste and keep your costs down in the Mexican food business.

“You always have the inherent risk of waste, so how we mitigate waste is through really understanding our menu mix and how many portions we’re going to get out of every recipe,” says Alter. “Our team goes through portion testing so they portion accurately. That way, owners can plan how much needs to be made, based on the volume of each store and the menu mix. It’s not an exact science, but it’s pretty close.”

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