A long drive-thru line stretches around the building at a Costa Vida restaurant.

How drive-thrus drive revenue for franchisees

Convenience and quality come together to attract more guests and help Costa owners increase their Mexican franchise revenue

Increasing capacity is a crucial part of increasing your Mexican franchise revenue, but the question is what is the best way to do that? At Costa, we have a lot of answers, but one that really helps set us apart from other Mexican fast-casuals has been our successful drive-thru initiative.

Drive-thrus give your guests more convenient options, which can lead to higher sales.

There’s only so much room for guests in any dining room, and lines can be off-putting for guests otherwise eager to grab a delicious burrito. And some guests simply want more convenient options, like when they’ve got a big group of kids in the van on the way home from soccer practice. We want to help franchise owners cater to every kind of customer.

Now, nearly a quarter of Costa Vida restaurants have drive-thrus, and the results are promising.

“For us, it’s been a great additional source of revenue because we see that a lot of that drive-thru business is incremental to what a lot of other locations that don’t have drive-thrus are able to produce,” Chief Operating Officer Jeff Jacobson recently told QSR magazine. “As a brand our drive-thru locations, the number is just a little bit better than 50% higher in sales than our non-drive-thru sales. It’s huge.”

More options means more revenue opportunities

Drive-thrus are far from the only way franchisees can increase their Mexican restaurant franchise revenues. Online orders, phone orders and off-site catering also add up to significant revenue streams for franchise owners. Catering in particular serves as both a revenue source and a marketing tool, because it can help introduce you to new guests and bring more traffic into your store. There’s no more effective marketing for a great food brand than getting people to give you a try, and we’ll put Costa’s food up against anyone else’s.

A perfect mix of convenience and quality for guests

Thanks to our focus on systematic, efficient operations, teams at our franchises can serve the drive-thru without sacrificing the experience for in-store guests. Food prep centers around big-batch cooking that enables team members to devote more attention to customers while keeping lines moving quickly.

It may still take a little longer than a fast-food burger, but our combination of drive-thru convenience and the higher quality of fast-casual keeps guests coming in to Costa franchises, and coming back for more.

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