A Costa Vida catering van parked in front of a restaurant.

Growing your Costa Vida with local community outreach

Community outreach brings guests into your fast-casual restaurant franchise. Great food and a comfortable, social atmosphere bring them back

At Costa Vida, our franchisees have found success and growth by making their fast-casual restaurant franchises valued parts of the community. Through outreach to and sponsorship of schools, charity events and even other local businesses, our franchisees have been able to market to their neighbors and earn loyal, regular guests.

Marketing with a personal touch

One simple way to grow the business is to get out into the community, meet your neighbors and introduce them to the delicious food of Costa Vida. Local store marketing benefits you by improving local awareness of your Mexican restaurant franchise.

“I’ll go to schools or to businesses, and we’ll set up caterings. We’re always looking for the next thing that we can do to be a part of the community,” says franchisee Brian Collins of Draper, Utah. “That has brought a lot of success to the restaurants that I’ve been a part of. That’s how we’ve grown our sales; simply by being in the community and bringing the Costa experience to the people.”

Sponsoring events

Sponsoring local events and fundraisers for schools and other organizations builds up goodwill, increases brand awareness in your community and attracts new guests who come back again and again.

“One year, we brought skydivers in for the high school’s homecoming football game. The cheerleaders all held up a Costa Vida banner and we threw prizes out in the crowd,” says multi-unit franchise partner Heather Cashmore. “After that, all of the high school students would come and hang out. After the games, the kids and their parents would come and get a meal. They would come during breaks at lunch. It was really fun to get the whole community involved, and it helps the business grow.”

A gathering place for your guests

Having an excellent in-store experience also gives your guests a place to go when they want to hang out and share a meal with family and friends. Food is social, and guests like to have a regular place to go and give their business to.

A sign on the wall of a Costa Vida restaurant reads “Costa Fresh. Live Inspired.”
A fun, relaxing atmosphere makes our fast-casual restaurant franchises an excellent spot for friends and family to gather regularly for meals.

“Our job is to make sure that each guest has the best experience from the second they walk in the door,” says Cashmore. “A lot of people come in and see the décor, and they say that it’s fun, it makes them feel like they’re on a vacation. It’s just an escape from reality for a minute. When they leave, they’re already planning their next trip to come back to Costa Vida again.”

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