Our processes keep our ingredients and meals fresh while providing better returns on our franchise owners’ investments.

What does ‘fresh’ really mean at Costa Vida?

At our fresh Mexican franchise, it means what it’s supposed to mean: food made on-site, real vegetables chopped fresh and never-frozen meat

“Fresh” has become so overused it’s starting to lose its meaning. Some places call their food “fresh” even when they rely on frozen burger patties or canned tomato sauce. But at Costa Vida fresh Mexican franchise, when we call something fresh, we mean it.

We mean every ingredient of our guests’ meals is prepared on-site, including whole vegetables chopped fresh, never-frozen meats on our grills and even tortillas made hot and fresh for every guest. Our preparation and cooking processes make everything better, not just in taste, but in operational efficiency, waste reduction and cost savings, the things that matter most to our franchise partners. Read on to see how our focus on true freshness can help you be more successful with our franchise.

How it helps franchisees make more money

In the end, everything we do comes back to how Costa Vida helps our franchise owners make more money in the business. Our commitment to truly fresh food helps us keep inventory in line with sales, resulting in less wasted inventory and a tighter alignment between what you buy and what you sell.

Our dedication to freshness and quality also benefits us in our vendor relationships. Because we work so closely with them to find ingredients that meet our standards, we’ve developed close ties with our vendors and secured the best possible prices with them. Getting better deals on higher-quality ingredients dramatically increases the value to both our franchise owners and their guests.

How it helps your team work more efficiently

Our rigorous processes help everyone in the store to do their jobs better and more efficiently. We have systems and checks and balances in place to keep quality consistent across every restaurant in the franchise system, and that makes it easy to bring talented team members on board and quickly get them performing to your highest expectations.

Guests love the fresh, delicious meals at Costa Vida.
Guests love the fresh, delicious meals at Costa Vida.

“We train the process, we certify it with our general managers, our assistant managers and all of our cooks, and they have to follow that system every single day,” says Executive Chef Geoff Alter. “It also allows us to cook big-batch cooking. In a fast-casual environment, we can provide food that’s made on premise and serve it in an expedited way, so we can get somebody a perfectly made pork burrito with braised pork, perfectly cooked beans and perfectly cooked rice.”

How it brings guests back again and again

The way we ensure freshness, from the harvest to the end product, is essential in bringing guests to your locations. It’s what allows us to provide the value of Costa Vida fresh Mexican franchise, a perfect portion of delicious food at a reasonable price. Our guests taste that freshness in every meal, and it’s what has them lining up at your counters, again and again.

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