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Who is Costa Vida’s target franchisee?

Know the food service and hospitality businesses and looking to scale quickly? You might be a perfect fit to open a Costa Vida franchise

A Costa Vida franchise is a great fit for entrepreneurs looking to scale quickly, with well-managed operations, a great franchisor-franchisee relationship and strong growth momentum, with plenty of prime territories still available.

“We’re looking for franchisees who honestly love and care about their communities. They love and care about the people that they work with, the teams that they work with. They love and care about food and the idea of what we make,” says President and CEO Dave Rutter. “What we do in the food business is very noble. It’s something that most people don’t understand and don’t realize. When we look for franchisees, we’re looking for people who have that same kind of idea and that same connection to the food, their communities and the people that they surround themselves with.”

We’re looking primarily for two types of franchisees to open a Mexican restaurant with a Costa Vida franchise:

  • Food service and hospitality veterans and franchisees
  • Sophisticated and growth-oriented entrepreneurs and executives who will hire and manage experienced food service managers.

We would prefer franchisees who are looking to scale quickly, but are also considering smaller operators. Our current locations are largely concentrated in Western states, but we have a presence and franchise opportunities nationwide, as well as in Canada.

Success is a two-way street

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Costa Vida is a growing brand with opportunities in a number of markets, including new expansions and markets where we already have a presence.

The franchisor-franchisee relationship is a two-way street, and we’re dedicated to being a strong partner in the success of our franchisees. We can’t succeed if our franchisees don’t, so we go the extra mile by operating a large number of company-owned locations. This helps us experience exactly what our franchisees experience, so we can make sure our operations are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“I think it has really helped us as franchisees because they’ve not only been in our shoes, they continue to be in our shoes,” says franchise partner Heather Cashmore. “It helps us all to be a team and really understand where everybody’s coming from. The more we can understand each other, the more we can all grow and the brand can grow better as a whole, which in turn makes us more successful.”

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