An in-store advertisement for the Costa Vida app, with a phone displaying the app next to a plate with a smothered burrito. Text at the top reads “Download the Costa Vida App.”

How tech drives guests to Costa Vida franchises

With the Costa Vida app, loyal guests engage directly with our marketing on their phones and visit our Mexican restaurant franchises more often

An image of a smartphone displaying the Costa Vida app, with the text “Costa Vidans Earn Points With Every Purchase.” along with a blue button to sign up with Facebook and orange “Sign Up” and “Login” buttons. At the bottom is a menu with options for “Gift Card, Locations, Order, Rewards, News & Offers.”Marketing is obviously important for earning new business, but it’s also key to retaining the guests Costa Vida already, increasing revenues by increasing visit frequency and ticket sizes.

Of course, in such a busy world connecting with guests is both easier and harder than it’s ever been. The Costa Vida loyalty app does something to break through the noise: It helps our guests connect directly with us. With our loyal fans, we don’t need to convince them to give us a try; we just need to stay top of mind when they want something good to eat. The app makes a visit to Costa Vida more convenient and that helps our franchisees earn steady, regular business from dedicated fans of the brand.

Marketing in guests’ pockets

It’s important for us to pay attention to those brand fans, because their visit frequency and higher average tickets can be a great contributor to your bottom line. The segment of our audience we call our “Raving Fans” can bring in a large amount of revenue through their loyalty. And as convenient as our service already is – with dine-in, carry-out, online ordering and even drive-thrus in many locations – the app makes things even easier.

People have busy lives, so anything we can do to help them also helps us. The Costa Vida app is like brand marketing that guests carry with them everywhere they go. With the app, they can earn points with purchases to earn rewards, order food for pick-up, see the latest promotions and, if they’re not near their favorite location, find the nearest Costa Vida so they can always get their fix.

That encourages frequent repeat business, which is great news for our franchisees’ bottom lines.

An in-store advertisement for the Costa Vida app, with a phone displaying the app next to a plate with a smothered burrito. Text at the top reads “Download the Costa Vida App.”
The most important step in creating brand loyalty is an excellent in-store experience.

Outstanding Mexican food and service create ‘Raving Fans’

Of course, for those brand fans to become so loyal, we need to make sure they have an excellent experience on every visit. We’re dedicated to helping our franchisees provide a “Wow!” experience with their food and service, going above and beyond to show every guest what makes Costa Vida the best in the industry. We want Costa Vida to be a place that our guests rave about, because there’s no better advertisement than a loyal guest who tells all of their friends to check out their favorite place to eat.

Technology is also playing a direct role in our customer satisfaction. We’ve been testing and implementing Phaceology, an innovative new customer service and employee satisfaction tool that helps franchisees coach employees and resolve guest issues in real time.

All of that combines to make Costa Vida the first choice when guests want great, fresh Mexican food.

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